Stroke The Slough

June 29, 2014

Not your momma's lazy river ride

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Event Info

  9:00 - Open Check In - Luke McRedmond
10:00 - Mandatory Captain's Meeting
10:30 - Growler Race (Elite) Start: 7.75 miles
11:00 - Pint Race Start (Rec): 4.75 miles
12:00 - Refreshments Available [12:00-2:30]
  1:15 - Awards Ceremony

STS 2014

What's New for 2014

We are running the race a month earlier so the river is more robust and the weeds are less of an issue. Hence the water will not be quite as warm and this may be a shortie occasion. The Post Paddle Party will be closer to the finish line. We wont be in the big Red Hook Party Bowl this year. We'll be able to hang closer to Adventura and the finish line. Redhook will set up a beer garden for beverage service & we'll bring in food trucks. Bring a few bucks for the food truck offerings. We are working hard to secure a presenting sponsor so that we can offer a small purse to the over all winners of the Growler Race. If you have any sponsorship suggestions please email us for a Sponsor Benefits packet.

Rules & Safety

The basics: Have a PFD, whistle & water & some kind of nutrition if you need it. There are a couple shallow spots to avoid in the first mile on the river but nothing you should need to step off your board for. We’ll address the current river conditions in the Captain’s Meetings. Please be safe and cautious of others and keep it fun & abide by the WPA standards [WPA Rule Book]

Important tips specific to the course for Stroke the Slough

Use a weed fin or a rubber fin – seriously [Buy One Here]. Please be overly cautious at the start. Consider NOT using a leash because if you fall there could be bramble that you don’t want to get stuck on. If someone nearby you falls and needs help fetching their board, please be kind. If you drop debris in the river please fetch it.

Redhook Brewery
SUP Buddy
Dragon's Tooth
Urban Surf
NW Paddle Sports
Sweetwood SUP
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Please feel free to send us any questions you may have concerning the race: or call Sara at: 206-399-1365.

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